About St. Croix Triathlon

St, Croix is stunning, and what better place to imagine a triathlon? St. Croix Triathlon is a community of enthusiasts that have come together to help people, maybe even you, join in a triathlon.

We’re always looking for people to join us on triathlons.


Our Story

Six short years ago, our team: Jeff, Will and Pete, had no idea where to start on our first triathlon. At the first event we joined, we did horrible. We were undertrained, uncoordinated and the crowd must have poked fun at us the entire time.

But we tried; we put ourselves out there and took a chance.

We failed, but we picked ourselves up and tried again. The training was more intense, we read a lot, and we did better.

Now, we’re going into our tenth competition – and we’re addicted.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring the community together in a new and exciting away. Triathlons can be enjoyed by anyone, and it’s a way to push yourself to your limits and better yourself in the process.

The goal for the St. Croix Triathlon community is to help new people pick up the sport.

It’s all about getting out of the house and trying to surpass the limitations people put on themselves.

If we can help just one person decide to train for a triathlon, we will reach our goal.

Commitment Through Education

We’re a community, and we want the community to offer up their experiences and education to readers. Information eases the transition into a triathlon, and when you’re swimming, cycling and running, there is a lot to learn along the way.

There are no obstacles in your way to success.

Education unlocks your ability to train following a strict, proven routine or methods.

We have tips, explain how to prepare your bike, offer guides on how to get started and even have checklists so that you know how to get started with your training.

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